Laser Hair Therapy Myth #3: Laser Hair Therapy treatments will burn or hurt.

Do Laser Hair Therapy treatments burn or hurt?

Interestingly this is one of the more common ones we hear and probably the one that is furthest from the truth. Low Level Laser Light is a non-ablative laser that emits, by FDA regulations, no more than 5mW of power from each diode, similar to a laser pointer. A typical light bulb, by comparison emits between 20 and 100 Watts of power. There are more powerful lasers employ high power light beams that are used to destroy tissue but in the medical community LLLT is customarily described as a‘cold’ laser, and is a healing light. Any warmth experienced from using LLLT is typically a result of the sensation of cellular activity and blood flow.

This myth has been perpetuated by the human perception that lasers generate heat, and heat burns skin. There has been numerous studies done and none of them have produced any evidence that LLHT caused burning in even one patient. Laser Hair Therapy is simply light; light that is absorbed by the skin and hair.

In summary, the kind of laser used in Laser hair Therapy simply does not cause any burning or heat and is completely safe, not to mention effective, in the treatment of hair loss and thinning hair.

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