Laser Hair Therapy Myth #2: Laser Hair Therapy Is A Miracle Cure


Is Laser Hair Therapy A Miracle Cure?

This is another myth that is widely circulated yet completely false. Laser Hair Therapy is not a miracle and anyone who is promising that it will produce miraculous results should be scrutinized very closely. Laser Hair Therapy can produce amazing results but it does not work for everyone. This is why it is so important to consult with a professional and ethical Hair Loss Expert before you spend your hard earned money on these kind of treatments or products.

If you are completely bald, Laser Hair Therapy will not grow your hair back. Many websites and even some doctors might tell people otherwise but they are doing you and the entire industry a huge disservice by not managing expectations. In fact the majority of negative product reviews about Laser Hair Therapy that exist stem from this very cause.

Laser Hair Therapy works best on people in the beginning stages of the hair loss process rather than people with severe hair loss. When it comes to hair loss the best defense is a good offense! Work on keeping your hair by stimulating it with low level laser light therapy or another FDA approved option. Once its completely gone, the hair follicle is gone for good.

In summary, Laser Hair Therapy is not for everyone but is typically effective in treating fine, thin weak hair in both men and women.

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