Pulse Wave Energy

Low Level Laser Light Therapy devices, along with most consumer electronics, have an extensive evolution in both power and effectiveness in the last 20 years.

The first Laser Therapy machines were large and bulky, covering the patient’s entire head leading to feelings of claustrophobia being reported by some. Size was also an issue as the machines were large and unwieldy, housed only by clinics.

The next generation of LLLT devices were flat-panel lasers and these more slimmer designed devices housed up to 100 laser diodes. But these machines, even though much smaller than the original devices, were still much too large for home use.

The third generation of Laser Therapy devices was finally a device that could be used in the home. While still bulky and not meant for portability, but rather the ability to use at home in one location, these devices were able to provide treatment in the comfort of one’s own home.

What these units all have in common is that they all used what is called continuous wave (CW) power. CW power basically means that the diodes run constantly while the device is in use, generating light. CW was thought to be the best use of LLLT until a few years ago when a photo-medicine expert at Harvard Universities’ Wellman Institute found that pulsed wave (PW) energy (more of a blinking rather than continuous), which was already incorporates in any other applications, demonstrated a more ideal method of delivering the light.

Since then it has been found that the short burst of energy targets the scalp cells without unnecessarily heating the skin surface which while not capable of burning or damaging the skin in any way, has been a complaint in a small number of patients utilizing CW products.

However the most important realization was that PW energy penetrates Keratin fiber in human hair more effectively than CW. This means that with products utilizing PW energy the possibility of hair keeping the light from reaching the scalp becomes a non-issue.

Simply put, Pulse Wave technology is the next generation in Laser Hair Therapy.

The only two products on the cutting edge of this development are the Nutreve Personal Hair Therapy Laser and the Laser Cap.