The Big Business Of Selling Hair Treatments

Millions of dollars of cosmetic products are sold each month to primarily women, who want to improve weak, fine, thinning hair. Many work quite well, but for a relatively short duration. This is because most just coat or swell the hair shaft with externally applied products. No permanent answer is provided with these products – which of course is the idea behind selling ‘cosmetics’ in the first place!

As an authority on thinning hair problems for 30 years, I believe that Low Level Laser Light Hair Therapy (LHT) is, by far, the most effective way of adding body, shine, strength, and health to hair. I’d like to convey the education I give my own clients and the hair restoration physicians who buy devices from my company for their patients.



The human hair is a very complex cellular structure. We know that an individual hair grows between 2- 8 yrs, then goes through a several week process of transitioning to being shed, and is typically replaced by a new follicle. All cosmetologists learn this in beauty school. The growth phase is called Anagen, the resting phase is called Catagen and the shedding phase is called Telogen.



At  any given time, 10 to 15 per cent of our hair is in the shedding phase. That equates to about 100+ hairs lost per day. However, the dirty trick mother nature plays on all of us is that we age! Some parts of our body handle this process better than others. For instance, when skin gets thin from lost collagen, we develop fine wrinkles and dark spots. When muscle tone is lost, we see sagging and wrinkles. When pigment is lost, grey hair makes us look older.


When the cells in our body stop reproducing at an earlier, more robust pace, our skin and hair can begin to “tire”, even though we might be in great health, and other parts are still looking good! While products that coat the hair can make a big improvement, it is usually short-lived.  In fact, many such ‘conditioning’ products can work against you if left on the hair, as they can weigh it down.


Any accredited Trichologist knows that: You can’t effectively treat dull, thinning, and lifeless hair from the outside-in.It should be treat from the inside-out

That means getting to the ‘root’ of the problem; encouraging cellular growth that supports the scalp and hair.



LHT is also known as cool light energy. It uses a certain range of the light spectrum (popularly, 650nm) from semi-conductor laser diodes that generate low power (5mW or less per diode) that is proven to stimulate cellular activity in the scalp. All cells in the scalp are effective, most relevant to our topic, are the hair cells. Both natural aging, and the effects of androgenetic alopecia , affecting 40-50% of men and women, are to blame for the deterioration of hair quality.


First approved by the FDA in 2007 using a hand held device, the way LHT energy works is to first stimulate the return of the hair to a longer Anagen (remember, “growing”) phase. Hair cannot reach its full diameter and strength if it doesn’t reach its normal lifespan. LHT helps hair begin to elongate the Anagen phase and effectively puts off the premature transition to falling out. Also important, is that LHT has demonstrated its ability to enhance the arrector pili muscle – a tiny muscle found on all hair shaft – that give the hair ‘body’ and resistance to flattening.  And finally, the sebaceous gland on each hair provides a natural oil that lubricates the hair as it passes through the outer layer of the skin. This is where shine and flexibility comes in play with the hair shaft (think of those beautiful, silky, shiny hair models found in magazines)! LHT is believed to help normalize the output of the sebaceous gland to improve its appearance. Our results speak for themselves.



At the John Vincent Hair Restoration Group, we offer a variety of American-Made LHT Treatment Options. The products are meant to be used a lifetime, but unlike cosmetic hair treatments, they are only purchased once! We provide personal telephone consultations and help you monitor your progress. We look forward to speaking with you.


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