Nutreve™ Personal Hair Therapy Laser

3 times the power of the best known home laser!


As our own manufacturer of hand held devices, we recommend Nutreve International™ Personal Hair Therapy Lasers for home use— either following a clinical program for maintenance, or as a stand-alone treatment.

Men and women struggle with hair loss every day, so our specially designed hand-held laser device produces results that you can see in a very short time. You simply use the device (now available with a stand), typically for 15 – 45 minutes, three times per week.

  • It’s All About the Power
  • State-of-the-Art Technology
  • Highly Portable
  • Affordable on any Budget
  • Now featuring Pulse Wave TechnologyPulse Wave Technology is the next generation in Laser Hair Therapy. Click The Link To Find Out More!

Clinically Tested and Proven

Laser Hair Therapy (LHT) has become the “first defense” treatment option for thinning hair. Hair restoration physicians and clinicians from around the world have adopted LHT as an integral part of medical hair management. Nutreve’s™ medical advisor is the leading pioneer in LHT applications.

For Men and Women

Because LHT promotes a healthy scalp, those who simply want to maintain the quality of their hair can benefit from regular LHT use. Most important, LHT is the only thinning hair treatment that works equally well on the hairline and the top of the head. The Nutreve™ Personal Hair Therapy Laser is specially designed to contour to these areas.

Built on the Best Technology

As a leader in hair therapy systems, Nutreve™ is constantly working to improve its product line. Unlike some personal laser devices, the Nutreve™ Personal Hair Therapy Laser incorporates 35 – 650nm true semi-conductor laser diodes (no LED’s) which provide direct-to-the-scalp contact in an ergonomic design. No other device compares!

Rooted in Science

Thousands of articles, studies and clinical trials have shown LHT really works. Recent FDA approvals of several LHT devices have provided irrefutable evidence of the efficacy of LHT technology. Consequently, LHT has become the new standard to manage thinning hair. The Nutreve™ Personal Hair Therapy Laser has raised the bar in LHT solutions. Easy to Use

Nutreve™ has studied the drawbacks of other personal lasers on the market. Because the Nutreve™ Personal Hair Therapy Laser contours naturally to the scalp, it doesn’t cause the fatigue that accompanies the use of other laser devices. A built-in timer assures you always receive the proper treatment dosage.

Guaranteed Results

Nutreve™ always offers a 6 month, No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee on its products, so you never have to regret your purchase. Most companies require a “re-stocking fee” for returns. We don’t.


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